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Is your computer getting slower and slower? Is it taking minutes to startup Windows operating system? Or did you encounter some malware or various error messages? How to fix all these problems and make your computer healthy again? You need SpeedyPC Pro which is a PC speed up tool. It can help you sweep out junk files, optimize memory, improve startup time, fix registry errors and more. With only 3 steps, you can make your computer as a new one again!


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Language:                English

Supported OS:          Windows

Operation Privilege: Logged on as administrator

Benefits of Using SpeedyPC Pro

By using SpeedyPC Pro, you can maintain your PC and keep it healthy so that it can run faster. As it mentioned above, you must install and run this software when you logged on as an administrator.


Clean clutter and junk filesClean clutter and junk files

You computer generates junk files when working just like a human beings. Over time, your PC fills up with useless junk files, and become disordered. Moreover, you may receive add-ons, plug-ins when you install some software or use the web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and more). SpeedyPC Pro can clean up all these unneeded junk files, clutter, and unwanted web browser add-ons and plug-ins.


memory defragmentOptimize memory

The computer usually stores files on the hard disk. The files maybe stored wherever it can. Over time your files is very likely to spread out throughout your hard disk. This means the computer need a lot of time to find all parts of the files. SpeedyPC Pro can help you defragment your computer's memory. This means your computer will get more room and be faster.

improve startup timeImprove startup time
If your computer takes a long time to startup, you need SpeedyPC Pro to speed up startup time. SpeedyPC Pro helps you manage which programs and processes launch when you turn your machine on. For startup time, the fewer programs launch, the less time it takes.

sweep out malwareRemove Malware
Nowadays, the internet is becoming more and more important in our daily life. We buy goods and make friends on the internet. But malware, such as spyware, adware, and rogue ware, is becoming more and more rampant. Thus information security is becoming more and more serious. SpeedyPC Pro can scan and find all kinds of malware, and then remove them and make your computer healthy and stable.


protect private informationSweep out privacy files to protect your private information
SpeedyPC Pro can sweep out all your private and confidential information, such as password, credit card number and more. This means that you can protect your private info in case of your computer be hacked by someone on the internet.


fix registry errorFix Registry Errors
Registry errors can cause your computer to instability, poor performance and other problems. If your computer has such problems, you need SpeedyPC Pro. It can fix registry errors and keep your computer healthy!


open unknown fileHelp Opening Unknown File Extensions
There are countless file extensions for different file types, such as .doc, .pdf, .ppt, .xls and more. Moreover, more and more new file extensions will be used in the future. How could you know which software to open a file extension that you are not familiar with? Well, SpeedyPC Pro can help you find the right tool to open the file extensions you specified. It is very useful, isn't it?


manage restore pointManage restore points
System restore is very useful when your operating system is terribly broken or you lost something very important (you can also recover them with Data Recovery Software). But too many restore point need a lot disk space. With SpeedyPC Pro, you can delete old restore points and set new ones.


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Tutorial – How to Speed Up Your PC and Make it Healthier?

  • Preparation: Download and install SpeedyPC Pro on your computer. Open the software and you will see the GUI as below.


  • Step 1: System scan. Click 'System Scan' on the left side of the GUI and SpeedyPC Pro will start to scan all system problems, malware, performance problems, privacy items and junk files on your computer.

  • Step 2: View result. After the scan finished, you will see all problems found by SpeedyPC Pro.

  • Step 3: Fix problem. Click 'Fix all' button to sweep all problems on your computer. And your computer will be healthy as a new one.


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