iPad Data Recovery - How to Retrieve Lost iPad Files

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Carelessly deleted the contacts and messages from your iPad? Accidentally deleted important pictures, videos or music files? Or the iPad is unable to power on, broken, or even lost? Now you do not have to be panic, iPad data recovery software can help you out. It can help you get back deleted or lost iPad files, even if your iPad device is stolen or lost. This article will give detailed analysis of the possibility of iPad data recovery, the steps to restore, the methods to improve the chances of recovery and the measures to avoid iPad files missing.


(Supported OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7)


(Supported OS: macOS Sierra 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8)

Is It Possible to Restore Deleted or Lost iPad Data?

Is it possible to get back lost files from iPad? Well, it depends. To find out the answer to this question, firstly we need to give an introduction to the iPad data recovery modes. Generally speaking, there are three iPad recovery modes: directly recover lost files from the iPad device; undelete lost iPad data from its iTunes backup files which are probably on your computer; or retrieve the missing data from the iCloud backup files. Let’s carefully analyze the scene and principle of the three recovery modes.


iPad Data Recovery Mode 1: directly recover deleted data from the iPad device. When a user deletes a file from iPad, iOS just removes the related information of this file from the iPad file system (HFSX), while retaining its "real data". iPad data recovery program is a kind of application that is able to scan iPad internal flash memory with a special algorithm, and extract the "real data" of the deleted files. However, it needs to be reminded that once a file is deleted, the "real data" of the file will be in danger, since it could be overwritten by other files, especially the new generated files, at any time. Therefore, before the deleted files disappearing completely, it needs to get them back as soon as possible; otherwise they will probably disappear for good. If your iPad device can be used normally, it is recommended to use this recovery mode.


iPad Data recovery mode 2: recover lost iPad data from iTunes backup file. When users sync the iPad with their computer via iTunes, the iTunes will automatically backup iPad files to their computer. Thus, iPad data recovery tool can retrieve lost data from the iTunes backup files. If your iPad device is lost or unable to work normally, while there is iTunes backup file of the lost iPad data on your computer, then it is recommended to perform this recovery mode. If you have never synced your iPad with computer via the iTunes, then there is no iTunes backup of the iPad files on your computer, thus it is unable to use this recovery mode.


iPad Data recovery mode 3: If you have backuped the iPad data to the iCloud server, you can recover the lost iPad data from the iCloud backup files, even if your iPad device is stolen or lost.


According to the description of the recovery mode of iPad data recovery utility, it is clear to judge whether you have a chance to recover lost iPad files based on your specific situation. You can execute one of the three iPad recovery modes or all of them so as to improve the chances of iPad data recovery. The worst case is that your iPad device is broken or lost, while there is no iTunes or iCloud backup files of your iPad, thus none of the three recovery modes can be used. However, this hapless thing is rare.

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How to improve the chances of data recovery from iPad?
Restore the lost iPad files as soon as possible in accordance with the “Tutorials” above, so as to avoid the "real data" of lost files be overwritten by the new generated data.


Why iPad file recovery software can not find the lost data from iPad device?
Probably the "real data" of the deleted files has been overwritten by other files (especially the new arrivals). Therefore, the sooner to take measures, the more chance to get back lost data. However, you still have chance to restore the lost data from your iPad’s iTunes or iCloud backup files.


How to avoid iPad data loss?
(1) Backup important iPad files to the local computer, iCloud, or external storage devices regularly.
(2) Once accidentally deleted or lost important iPad files, the users should immediately stop operating the iPad device and perform iPad data recovery as soon as possible.
(3) Do not connect the iPad to the computers which are virus infected.
(4) Take serious confirmation before deleting important iPad files.

(5) Backup all important iPad files before jail breaking, unlocking or the factory settings restoring.