How to Restore Deleted Photos & Videos from

Samsung Cell Phone

Samsung phone photo recovery Samsung cell phone has been very popular in recent years. Solid quality plus competitive price have been many phone users’ NO 1 choice, especially several modes like Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Wave based on Android OS have a fantastic performance in the market. But even the best cell phone cannot eliminate human errors such as your precious photos or videos taken with the phone may be lost due to unexpected deletion or formatting, virus attack etc. Is there any way to recover deleted photos and videos from Samsung phone in this case?


Common belief will say no, but the real answer is YES. You have certain chances to perform Samsung phone photo recovery as long as you take the right steps.

How to Recover Photos from Samsung Cell Phone?

First things first – Immediately stop take any more pictures or videos with your Samsung phone in case you may quite possibly ruin the chances of photo recovery. Your deleted media files should be saved on a specific place of the memory card insides your Samsung phone. So DO NOT save, edit or damage anything on the card.


At the second stagePhoto Recovery will do the job for you and recover your lost things back. It is a program which can recover lost pictures, videos and music files. With only 3 steps, you can easily achieve photo video recovery from Samsung mobile phone.


#1: Connect your phone (memory card) to your computer which installs the photo data recovery tool (DOWNLOAD - FOR WINDOWS USERS or DOWNLOAD - FOR MAC USERS ). Open the software and you'll see program interface like below.


#2: Start to scan. Then highlight the drive (your Samsung memory card represents under ‘My Computer’). Then click 'Scan Now'. Now the program will scan for the drive for lost items. After a while, you’ll see a lot of files (photos, videos and music) found.


#3: Preview the scanned files and highlight what you deleted or lost, then click 'Recover' option to restore them to a specific location. Now you can enjoy those lost previous memories again.

Tips to increase chances of Samsung phone image recovery – it is recommended to install the software or save recovered photos to another drive.


Note: The photo recovery software provides trial version which is absolutely free but with recovery function limited. Generally recommend you to take the free trial first to see if your deleted photos can be found from your Samsung phone (at the scan stage). If the utility does find your lost ones, then buy it to activate the Recover option.


More support information: With Data Recovery Tool, you can recover deleted pictures or videos from almost existing Samsung cellphone (with memory card insides) including Samsung Galaxy series (i9008, i5700, G70), Samsung SGH series, Samsung Windows Mobile series etc.

Note: The tutorial above is only for Windows users! For more details about Samsung Phone Multimedia Data Recovery Software Product and the illustration of How to Recover Lost Multimedia Files from Samsung Phone, please refer to:

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