How to Recover Photos Deleted from LG Cell Phone

LG PhoneHave you ever met the following situations and need urgently recovering photos from LG phone you are using?

  • Photos got deleted from LG phone due to mis-operation.
  • LG phone is broken and wonder if there is a way to retrieve photos insides.
  • Accidentally formatted the memory card in the LG phone.
  • LG phone memory stick is corrupted due to improper plug-out.
  • Water damaged and the phone won’t turn on.
  • And more LG photo loss scenarios.

Then is it possible to recover lost pictures from LG phone when you accidentally met sufferings mentioned above? Common belief will say no immediately and give up the hope of photo recovery. However the real answer is YES, you have great chance (though not 100% sure) to recover photos from LG phone as long as you take the right operations.

There is nothing more gratifying than regained lost things! I will never forget the past few days! Because of wrong operations, more than 300 pieces of photos and videos were accidentally deleted from my LG phone. These photos and video are very precious! When they lose, it means losing a lot of precious memories. I’m not willing to lose them forever. I started looking for ways to recover data from LG phone on Google. Luckily, I found this web site. This powerful picture recovery tool helps me get back all the lost pictures and video files. Thank you very much!
- Daniel Clark, Washington DC, USA

How to Recover Deleted Photos from LG Phone – Step by Step

Preparation: To recover your lost LG pictures, you’ll have to rely on a third-party photo recovery tool.

Photo Recovery
is such powerful yet easy LG phone photo recovery program (DOWNLOAD - FOR WINDOWS USERS or DOWNLOAD - FOR MAC USERS ) working under Windows operation system (Windows 2003/XP/Vista/7 etc) that can rescue lost photos from overall situations. It supports recovering from various LG phone series including LG Optimus, LG Voyager, LG Cookie, LG Accolade, LG Xenon, LG GT series etc.


STEP 1: There should be a memory card or stick insides your LG phone, take it out and load it on a card reader and then insert it to a computer that has installed the photo recovery program. Open the software and you'll see the program interface like below.


STEP 2: Choose the drive letter your LG memory card represents. Select the photo types you want to recover from your LG phone and then click 'Scan Now' button to go to the scanning process.


STEP 3: When the scanning is finished (note: you can also click Cancel button to stop the scanning), preview the found photos and then save it to another drive.

Now you have successfully recovered deleted images from LG phone. See? It is quite easy. You can do it yourself. But there is one thing you should remember – before the photos are recovered from your LG, it is recommended not to take more photos or save more files to the phone mass memory as this may cause your original data overwritten. Once overwritten, it is almost impossible to recover. Just bear this in mind.

Note: The tutorial above is only for Windows users! For details about LG Photo Recovery Software for Mac, please refer to: Photo Recovery for Mac OS X Users