How to Recover Media Files from HTC Smartphone

HTC phone data recoveryEver accidentally pressed delete button on your lovely HTC smartphone and erased all those previous memories including photos, videos or music files? Or you got the memory card (insides HTC phone) formatted due to card errors or corruption? Panic about your fault and wonder if there is any way to recover such digital media files from the cell phone? DO NOT be that worried as there is a solution to perform HTC photo video music recovery: easy, quick and secure!

Data Recovery is such handy tool designed to recover pictures, videos, audio and other files deleted, formatted or lost from mass storage media including HTC smartphone. Whatever which series of HTC phones ( HD7, Desire HD, My Touch Mobile, XV6975, Touch Pro, Wildfire, Thunderbolt or htc hero, pure, tattoo etc.) you are using, or what kind format of files (JPG, PNG, GIF, AVI, WMV, MP4, MP3, FLV, WMA etc.) you deleted. All can be retrieved with this powerful HTC data recovery software. Also it is pretty easy to use, ONLY 3 steps needed before you get back all the lost files from your HTC mobile phone.

Amazing data recovery software! This software helps me find the missing pictures and video files which are lost three months ago! Three months ago, I accidentally deleted some pictures and videos from my HTC phone. Due to busy work, I have no time to care about these missing files. Until last week, at a party, I talked to a classmate about this depressing thing. As a computer expert, he recommended this HTC file recovery tool to me. I originally thought that this software will be very complicated. I did not expect I got back all the lost files just after a few clicks. Thank to my classmate! Thanks for this data recovery program!

- Robert Martinez, Toronto, Canada, 2014

Why Lost Files Can be Restored from HTC Phone?

Technically speaking, when you delete a file on your HTC phone, the phone’s operating system does not delete the file itself; just delete related information of this file on the file system. In other words, deleted files are still intact stored in your phone’s memory card. Data recovery software scans your phone with a special algorithm, find lost files and restore them.


Note: once accidentally lost files on HTC, the user should immediately stop using the cell phone. Do not take new photos or videos with the HTC phone, this is to avoid losing files be overwritten by new files. Once the missing files are overwritten, they completely disappeared!

How to Recover Lost Files from HTC?

Below is a step by step tutorial to help you easily perform file recovery from HTC phone.


STEP 1: Free download the media file recovery program (DOWNLOAD - FOR WINDOWS USERS or DOWNLOAD - FOR MAC USERS ) and install on your computer. Open it and you’ll see interface shown as below.


STEP 2: Then connect your HTC phone to the computer. Choose the drive your HTC phone (memory card) represents. Select the drive (your HTC phone stands for) you want to retrieve files from and click 'Scan Now' to continue. Now the program will go to scanning process. After a while, there will be a lot of files found.


STEP 3: Preview and recover the found files. If they are right what you want to recover, click 'Recover' option and save them to another drive. Note: do not save recovered files to your HTC phone in case part of the found files overwritten.

Now you have successfully restored files from HTC phone on your own. Pretty easy, tell your friends who had similar sufferings NOW.


Question: I took some new pictures after accidentally deleted some important pictures. Does it mean that the deleted picture can not be restored?
Answer: Well, that depends on your luck. If those deleted pictures are not overwritten, you still have a chance to retrieve them; otherwise, they completely disappeared. I suggest you use the HTC Data Recovery tool to scan your phone and see how your luck is.


Question: In addition to multimedia files, can this date recovery software also recover documents (such as DOC, PDF files)?

Answer: No, this is multi-media recovery software; it just restores pictures, video and audio files. If you need to restore the document files, you can refer to another powerful data recovery tool.


Question: There is no memory card on my HTC phone. Photographs are stored in the phone’s internal memory. Can this data recovery software recover lost pictures from HTC phone’s internal memory?
Answer: Well, it depends. If the software can recognize your phone’s internal memory, then it can recover lost files; otherwise, you can not restore them. I suggest you use this data recovery software to scan your phone. If it can find the internal memory, there is a great chance to restore the lost files.

Note: The tutorial above is only for Windows users! For more details about HTC Photo Recovery for Mac, please refer to: Photo Recovery for Mac OS X Users