Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ of Data Recovery Software

Question: Last weekend, my daughter played “Angry Birds” games with my Samsung Galaxy Android phone, and accidentally deleted all the contacts from the cell phone. Is this data recovery software able to get back the lost contacts? Please help me! By the way, there is no memory card on my cell phone.

Answer: This file recovery software can not restore lost phone contacts. However, another professional Android Data Recovery tool can help you recover the lost contacts from your Samsung phone. Whether your contacts are stored in the phone’s internal memory or memory card, this powerful Android data recovery software can easily get them back to your life. By the way, in addition to the address book, it can also restore SMS messages and call histories.


FAQ of Photo Recovery Software

Question: Last month, I travelled around Africa for a few days, taking with my Samsung Galaxy Android phone and Canon D800 digital camera. I shoot a lot of beautiful photos and videos (mostly African savannah wildlife and beautiful scenery) with my Samsung phone and Canon camera. However, due to wrong operation, I accidentally deleted all the multimedia files from my Samsung Galaxy phone. Can this picture recovery software help me retrieve lost pictures and video from my Samsung phone? Please help me!

Answer: Well, it depends. May I ask what the model of your Samsung phone is? Does it support memory cards such as SD card or Micro-SD card? If your lost pictures were saved in the Samsung phone’s memory card, you can scan your memory card and recover lost files with this powerful photo recovery tool; if the lost photos were stored in the phone’s internal memory, this data recovery software can do nothing. However, Android Data Recovery software can scan Samsung Android phone’s internal memory, and retrieve lost files, including pictures, videos, contacts, SMS messages, call records and more from it.